Unleash Your Riding Potential With MotoTrainer

Refine your riding

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rider aiming to refine your skills, our motorcycle training simulation is designed to elevate your riding proficiency and ensure a safer, more enjoyable journey.

Safe Practice: Simulate realistic riding scenarios without real-world risks.

Real-World Replication: Experience various road conditions and traffic situations.

Personalized Training: Customize programs to focus on specific riding skills.

Lean up to 50°

Explore global tracks and safely lean up to 50° while training.

Realistic experience

Immerse yourself in highly realistic and lifelike motorcycle training simulations, enhancing your learning experience.

Safe practice

Master essential motorcycle skills in a completely risk-free virtual environment.

Who we are

MototrainerCy specializes in motorcycle simulation technology. Our main aim is to educate riders and aid them in refining their riding skills in a safe environment.

We provide state-of-the-art motorcycle simulation that perfectly mimic real-world riding situations, allowing riders to practice crucial techniques, enhance their maneuvering skills, and boost their situational awareness without the risks linked to on-road training.

Committed to innovation and continual improvement, we position ourselves at the cutting edge of motorcycle simulation technology. We consistently deliver efficient and reliable training solutions to riders throughout Cyprus.

Rent & host

Hire MototrainerCy for your corporate events to provide an engaging and educational motorcycle simulation experience, enhancing team-building while promoting safe riding practices.

Revolutionize Your Riding Skills with Moto Trainer Simulation!