Experience the Thrill

Hire MototrainerCy for your corporate events to provide an engaging and educational motorcycle simulation experience, enhancing team-building while promoting safe riding practices.

Why MototrainerCy is the perfect addition to your events

Unique Experience

By hiring MototrainerCy, you offer an unprecedented and engaging event experience unlike any other.

Brand Promotion

Utilize our MotoTraineCy to effectively promote your brand or to offer a virtual test ride of new motorcycle models, enhancing product awareness and interest.


Our motorcycle simulation is not just fun, it's also educational. Participants can learn essential riding skills and road safety practices.

Promotes Safe Riding

In addition to being an engaging team-building activity, our simulation experience also emphasizes the importance of safe riding practices.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Impress your team or friends with state-of-the-art motorcycle simulators that replicate real-world riding scenarios accurately.

Customizable Programs

MototrainerCy can tailor the experience to meet the unique needs of your event, ensuring an unforgettable time for all!

Event Package / €1500 + Vat

* The price indicated is for Limassol area only. Other areas are subject to charge

Revolutionize Your Riding Skills with Moto Trainer Simulation!